James R. Eells, MD | Las Vegas Concierge Medicine
James Eells Las Vegas Concierge Medicine
James Robert Eells, MD | Restoration Neurology, depression disorder and amino acid treatment
James Eells Las Vegas Restoration Neurology, depression disorder and amino acid treatment


Dr. James Robert Eells is a physician providing "Affordable Personalized Care" to patients in Las Vegas. Dr. Eells is one of the new breed of doctors who offer "Personalized Care" to patients who want to get to know their physician and receive comprehensive health care for a price within their budgets.

James Robert Eells, MD | Las Vegas

Who We are

Unlike most of today's physicians, Dr. Eells offers you premium service for an annual fee that includes a year's worth of medical care, as well as a physical examination and diagnostic work-up.

This physical allows Dr. Eells to determine what nutritional deficiencies you have and what diseases you may be at risk of developing.

As a result, he can provide you with anti-aging, preventive healthcare that can potentially stop the onset of disease. You receive all of this care, including:

* Easy scheduling appointments.
* No waiting times.
* Longer and more thorough examinations.
* Preventive healthcare physical & diagnostic tests.
* Coordination of all medical care.
* Fast, automated access to prescriptions.
* Access to an entire team to help you with prescriptions, appointments, and more.

Unlike the physicals and diagnostic tests provided by other medical facilities, after which you're simply given a report, Dr. Eells will review your report in detail, providing you with strategies to optimize your health through preventive measures and medical interventions. If you need to see specialists, he will make recommendations.

Personalized Care allows you and Dr. Eells to get to know each other well so that you can work together to manage your care and your health.

James R. Eells | Las Vegas Affordable Personalized Healthcare